We are reaching out today to ask you to make a gift, to give back to the uO Faculty of Medicine. Imagine what we can accomplish in just 24 hours!! At the Faculty of Medicine, we are making important investments every day, we are teaching our students to heal, we are investing in critical areas of research to heal our patients and we are investing in a brighter future, the future of medicine.

We invite you to participate in a Day to Give Back! (#uOFoM24) By supporting students, research and education, you will play a leading role in leaving a legacy on the discoveries of tomorrow and on the positive delivery of health care for future generations. At the Faculty of Medicine, We Teach to Heal!

We believe that a great medical school is defined not only by its achievements but also by its commitment to serve the public good. We also believe that success comes through innovation. The Faculty of Medicine defies the conventional in the groundbreaking ways we seek to improve health care and medical education.

The uO Faculty of Medicine is at the heart of health care in the nation’s capital. Our faculty members, residents and students are on the front lines of 5 of our regional hospitals, at the Ottawa Hospital, CHEO – Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Bruyère, Montfort Hospital and the Royal. We are also proud of the role we play in training doctors who serve Francophone communities. We are equally proud of our research partnerships we have forged with institutions around the world.

Our alumni have helped us build our reputation, and our many donors have played an essential role in our success. We invite you to have an impact! Please give back today. Imagine what we can accomplish in just 24 hrs!

Thank you for giving, for taking the time to give back and for your shared vision of the work we do. For more information, please visit the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine website.